Our approach is very simple. We don't believe in cookie-cutter formulas or contrived posing. We believe in capturing your day in the most discreet and authentic way possible allowing the natural beauty that exists in everyone to shine through. We're not going to be up in your space with a bunch of cameras or turning your event into a film set, but here's what you will get:

All of our films are shot in pristine High Definition, and edited in a style that has earned us international acclaim. The length of your movie will vary, but what is most important is that it will be a compelling reflection of your day.

Event Cinematography

We will create a unique and timeless film that will celebrate your day forever. Please contact us as soon as possible to check availability and receive current pricing, by filling in the Inquiry Form here.

Super 8mm Film

For the truist. Authentic and nostalgic super 8mm film is really what started the home movie revolution. It adds beautiful texture to any film and there is simply no substitute. There are just a few types of film stock still available and they’re not going to be around too much longer. We telecine in LA to a high definition digital file to weave into your film for a totally unique perspective that can not be imitated. You will also receive the original for archiving. We recommend 3 reels as a minimum.

Same Day Edit

The Same Day Edit is a centerpiece at any reception. We take the very best footage at the conclusion of the ceremony, and edit a short highlight film within a few hours to share at the reception. Each SDE is unique and can also include footage from earlier events or sessions. Projector and screen rental is included for your convenience.

Aerial Footage

By now, most everyone has seen the stunning perspectives taken from a drone. We utilize some of the safest and highest-quality equipment on Maui, and our pilots are cinema-trained and experts at flying, providing you with breathtaking footage not available anywhere else.
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